Brooding Cowboys


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My December release, MONTANA MISTLETOE BABY, wraps up my Hope, Montana series with Western Romance.

As you may know, the Western Romance line is being cancelled, so this will be my last book for the line, which leaves me a little emotional. I’ve loved writing brooding cowboys and the women who love them.

So, if you haven’t picked up my Hope, Montana series yet, now would be a great time to do it! It’s filled with stubborn cowboys with big hearts and the women who are tough enough to go toe-to-toe with them.



Safe in the Lawman's Arms Cover

Montana sheriff Mike Cruise never pictured himself as a father. But with temporary custody of a toddler, he has to learn the ropes fast. Thankfully, his sweet new nanny, Malory Smythe, fits right in, and Mike begins to believe he can make this family thing work. Although he knows it can’t last forever… 

After her cheating ex left her pregnant and alone, Malory could easily fall for a strong, protective man. But she can’t risk repeating past mistakes with men, especially with a child on the way. When their makeshift family is threatened, will it drive Malory and Mike apart…or will it bring them together for good? 



Mackenzie Vaughn is determined to learn to run the Montana ranch she’s inherited—even if it means relying on Chet Granger. Years ago, the serious (and seriously handsome) cowboy broke up her relationship with his younger brother, and Mack doesn’t want to remember that heartache. 

Chet knows gorgeous, spunky Mack is off-limits. His brother would never forgive him, and Chet always puts family first…until he can no longer ignore his feelings. If Chet gives in to his heart, he’ll lose his brother and the ranch they share—if he doesn’t, he could lose Mackenzie forever.


Christmas Bride

Hope, Montana, is no longer home to Andy Granger, who sold his piece of the family ranch to developers. He’s only back to run a cattle drive in his brother’s stead. But the community can’t forgive him for selling out. And Dakota Mason, the beautiful cowgirl he hired, has every reason to hate him… 

Ranching is in Dakota’s blood. And now the developers have cut off water her neighboring ranch desperately needs. She’s only on the ride for a paycheck—not to turn her back on her community. And definitely not to fall for some overly protective urban cowboy. But Andy may surprise everyone…including himself.


Valentine Bride

Brody Mason needs a nurse. As soon as he can walk again, he’ll leave Hope, Montana, and go straight back to the army. But Kaitlyn Harpe? That’s adding insult to injury. Not just because she’s a daily reminder that Brody’s fiancée, Kate’s sister, married his best friend while he was fighting in Afghanistan. But because Kaitlyn had kept the truth from him. 

The Kaitlyn he knew before he deployed would never have perpetuated a lie like that. But this new person—the confident, beautiful woman with hidden depths in her eyes—is nothing like the shy, serious girl he knew. This Kaitlyn troubles him. Because Brody is starting to wonder if he proposed to the wrong sister… 



When Nora Carpenter becomes sole guardian of her triplet goddaughters, she needs backup—fast. So she heads home to the family ranch in Hope, Montana. But when she arrives, Nora learns that her great-grandparents’ house now belongs to Easton Ross. 

Easton and Nora used to be friends, back when Easton was a lanky ranch hand who was always there for her. Now he’s a rugged cowboy who hasn’t forgiven her for leaving town. Easton lets Nora and the triplets bunk with him and can’t help falling head over heels for the adorable babies. But Nora can’t stay. For the triplets, living in Hope would mean a lifetime of gossip. And Nora has to put her new daughters first, even if it breaks her own heart.



Avery Southerly has finally met her biological father…sort of. Instead of properly introducing herself, she took a job as cook at her dad’s ranch in Hope, Montana. There’s just one problem: Avery can’t cook! Luckily ranch manager Hank Granger agrees to help, and things quickly begin heating up in the kitchen. 

But romance is not on the menu—Hank could be fired for fraternizing with an employee, and Avery is only in town to get answers. Then she’s headed home to Kansas, where she truly belongs. Hank is determined to help Avery discover the truth about her past. Yet the more time they spend together, all he can see is the future. He just needs to help Avery do the same!


Montana Mistletoe Baby

Barrie Jones needs a Christmas miracle. Five months pregnant, she’s already the talk of Hope, Montana, because she won’t tell anyone who the father is. And now her ex, Curtis Porter, is back in town, throwing her life into chaos.

Curtis is about to retire from bull riding, which means selling the building that houses Barrie’s veterinary practice—essentially putting her out of business—so he’ll have enough money to start over. He’s the bad guy, right? And Barrie should know better than to give him a second chance, but Curtis seems different… He’s talking about settling down, maybe becoming a family man. Has Curtis really changed? And can Barrie change, too, and trust Curtis to do right by her and her baby?


These seven books will bring you to the small ranching community of Hope, Montana. Cowboys, meddling family, a gossiping small town and women who are just too stubborn to put up with anything less than true love.

I hope you’ll love these stories as much as I loved writing them!



Christmas Crackers


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I never grew up with Christmas crackers. They’re more British than North American, I think. Basically, a cracker is a tube with a little fire cracker inside that snaps and pops when you pull it apart. And inside the tube there is a little paper hat to wear and a little toy of some sort.


Photo by Amelia Wells

One year, my son saw Christmas crackers on a British TV show (Mr. Bean), and he decided that we must have them for our Christmas, too. So that year, we bought them. They have them in the stores here in Canada, I’d just never bought them before!

And a tradition was born. 🙂

So my last shopping trip, I made sure to pick up some Christmas crackers, just to make sure we’d have them for Christmas dinner.

I’m normally a big fan of traditions that go way back in our family, like opening gifts on Christmas Eve, eating mandarin oranges, watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas… But I also love the new ones that sprung up with our own little family.

Do any of you use Christmas crackers for your festivities?


Uncomfortable navel-gazing


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I like to follow a blogger on Facebook called Single Dad Laughing who posts funny memes. I don’t follow his blog quite as religiously, but I’ll click on a few posts that interest me.

dan-pearce-sdlWell, recently, he’s posted some older blog posts about his divorces and how he thinks he might have blown his marriages, and how he feels his ex-wives contributed to his divorces.

I found these posts interesting because they’re so personal. How many times do you wonder why a relationship failed? He outlines a lot of little ways he and his ex-wives failed each other. Some of the things he said made me feel a little bad for him, and other things he said made me feel bad for his ex-wives!

But here’s the thing… There are people who know this man in real life, and his ex-wives. And he’s put online all sorts of personal details about his relationships with these very real women. In fact, he put this online several years ago, and it’s still making its rounds! Having all this personal stuff about these women online seems mean spirited to me. And a little self-indulgent, too. As a writer, I understand the constant pressure to come up with content, but some things need to stay private. Actually, a lot of things need to stay private!

I think this particular blogger has made his single status his niche, and in his rush to create posts that will get clicks, he’s sacrificed some dignity. (Both his own, and the women he writes about.) And perhaps all of us bloggers and writers run the same risk–offering up our most personal details for public consumption. There is a line to be walked where we share enough to be authentic, but keep back enough to protect our privacy, too. I’m not saying it’s easy! The constant demand for online filler can be insatiable.

As a novelist, I need to keep an online presence. So I have a Facebook page, a new Twitter account, and this blog. That’s a lot of online content going up daily. And like everyone else, I hate following people who are a constant flow of advertisements. So it’s a tough line to walk! Here’s hoping I manage to do it with a little grace.

New Release!


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December 1 was my Book Birthday for MONTANA MISTLETOE BABY! 🙂 This book is also my 15th release with Harlequin, so it’s extra special.

15th book badge from Harlequin









So if you haven’t checked out MONTANA MISTLETOE BABY yet, now is your chance!

Montana Mistletoe Baby


Barrie Jones needs a Christmas miracle. Five months pregnant, she’s already the talk of Hope, Montana, because she won’t tell anyone who the father is. And now her ex, Curtis Porter, is back in town, throwing her life into chaos.

Curtis is about to retire from bull riding, which means selling the building that houses Barrie’s veterinary practice—essentially putting her out of business—so he’ll have enough money to start over. He’s the bad guy, right? And Barrie should know better than to give him a second chance, but Curtis seems different… He’s talking about settling down, maybe becoming a family man. Has Curtis really changed? And can Barrie change, too, and trust Curtis to do right by her and her baby?

You can find it anywhere books are sold!

But if you’re partial to Amazon, here’s the link!

And if you like to shop from Harlequin directly, you can click here. 🙂




Cover Vs Cover


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Harlequin has this fun social media game they play called Cover Vs Cover, where people can vote for the cover they like best. This time around, they chose my cover for the honors! 🙂


I know it’s probably a bit silly at this point, but I get a kick out of having my books used in Harlequin promotion. It’s just part of the fun!

By the way, I’m now on Twitter, too! So if you’d like to find me, this is my handle: AuthorPatJohns. I’m probably the last person on earth to finally join Twitter besides the Amish, but I’m there! 🙂

All in one sitting


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If you wanted to read my Free Read, THANKSGIVING WITH HER BOSS, but you didn’t want to have to wait for a chapter to be unlocked each day, well… today is your day! The entire novella is now available to read at one time. 🙂

And I’ve had some wonderful responses from it so far!

“This was terrific!Couldn’t wait to see what Happened!waited EXCITEDLY for chapters! Great Author!Purchased A Boys Wish plus another of her titles!”

“Happy Happy Ending. I couldn’t ask for more.”

“Thank you for making these few days be something good to look forward to. Enjoyed this book tremendously”.




So click on over and read about Emmie Thomas and her billionaire boss who’s a little too used to getting his way…

A late-night kiss is the last straw. Emmie Thomas has tamped down her crush on her boss, Rob West, for almost a year, but she just can’t anymore. What else is there to do but quit and fly to her hometown of North Fork, Alberta, for her family Thanksgiving celebration?

When a mixup sends Rob to Alberta, too, he’s determined to get her back. But does he just want her to be his assistant again? Or is he finally ready to admit he wants something more?

Joseph has a flare for fashion


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My husband and I were born on different continents, and we happen to have very different skin tones. We hate talk about race in our home–it’s the one place we should be free of it. So I won’t even define us that way here. I’m very light, he’s very dark. Period.


And we love each other heart and soul. He’s my guy–the one I truly believe was created for me. Or I was created for him… you know, however you want to start that circle. 😉 We’re husband and wife, dedicated to each other for the rest of our lives.

When our son was about three, he liked to point out who the figures were in the nativity scene, and whenever he looked at ours, he’d say, “That’s the mommy,” pointing at Mary, “and that’s the daddy,” pointing at the first wise man.

I couldn’t bring myself to correct him, because really, why not? Why couldn’t that be Joseph? Especially in our home? I mean, if Mary was allowed to be blonde…

So I traded the myrrh for the lantern, and ever after, this has been how our nativity scene looks.


Apparently, Joseph has a bit of a flare for fashion, Mary is blonde, and yes, Baby Jesus is leg-less. He lost his limbs due to too much loving by our little boy over the years. 😉

This is how the Johns family does Christmas. ❤



Boy's Christmas Wish

Montana Mistletoe Baby








Christmas Bride

My starving family


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I’m a full-time writer, but that also means that I’m the adult at home most of the time, so a lot of the housework and cooking falls to me. This isn’t a big deal when I’m puttering around thinking through a plot issue, but when the writing is flowing and I’m fingers to keyboard, my family tends to suffer a little. 😉

And lately, the writing has been going really well!

Anyway, I realized today that I’d better do some cooking or we’d all starve together. And then there was the cleaning all of us had been putting off… (I’m not the kind of mom who does it all myself. We all live here, we all mess it up, and we all clean it! Unfortunately, I’m the one who stares at it all day, so…)


This is what I did today–besides that pesky cleaning. I made a massive batch of cabbage rolls while I chatted on the phone with my good friend who also helped me to sort out a mobi file for a giveaway winner. (She’s the best!)

Massive batches of food are my secret to protecting my writing time. A morning spent making cabbage rolls will feed us for six or eight meals, because I freeze two pans of them, and keep the third pan out for immediate consumption. Then when the writing is flowing, I just pull something frozen from my freezer and that’s our dinner.

And cabbage rolls… who can complain? 😉

What’s your go-to time saver?

I’m in a Christmas mood


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I’m a Christmas person. I just love the holidays! In Canada, our Thanksgiving comes in October, so once Halloween is past, we’re good to go for Christmas!

This year, I put off putting up the tree until we were about a week into November, but then I couldn’t hold my 9-year-old back any longer, and we put up all our decorations. Since we have snow outside already, it just feels appropriate.



I’m also one of those really early Christmas shoppers, because I like to get my shopping done without pressure. I also have gifts to mail to my parents, so I need to be timely if I’m going to get everything to the post office on time.


That’s why I picked up this year’s wrapping paper already–and I really like it! These Christmas trappings just make me happy. I enjoy this time of year–the run up to Christmas! I don’t let it get stressful because we stick to a budget and make time for the things that matter to us most–cookies, Christmas movies, carols playing in the background… The good stuff.

Anyone else enjoy the Christmas preamble? Or does it all just stress you out? 

(I do have two Christmas novels coming out this month and December! So I thought I’d leave a couple of links for you…)

Montana Mistletoe BabyBoy's Christmas Wish

Fresh off the truck!


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So remember that book that was translated into Afrikaans? Well, my editor tracked me down a copy! It was just delivered today, and I couldn’t be more excited! This is the first time I’ve been translated into a different language… so a big deal for this humble author.


This is SAFE IN THE LAWMAN’S ARMS, or Veilig in die Polisiebeampte se Arms, if you speak Afrikaans. 😉 This is the first book in my Hope, Montana series with Western Romance, and if you haven’t picked up a copy yet, the ebook is only $2.99! The Mills and Boon version has a different cover, which I find interesting, but it’s the same book.

But really cool, right? 🙂

Safe in the Lawman's Arms Cover20171113_140421