My starving family


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I’m a full-time writer, but that also means that I’m the adult at home most of the time, so a lot of the housework and cooking falls to me. This isn’t a big deal when I’m puttering around thinking through a plot issue, but when the writing is flowing and I’m fingers to keyboard, my family tends to suffer a little. 😉

And lately, the writing has been going really well!

Anyway, I realized today that I’d better do some cooking or we’d all starve together. And then there was the cleaning all of us had been putting off… (I’m not the kind of mom who does it all myself. We all live here, we all mess it up, and we all clean it! Unfortunately, I’m the one who stares at it all day, so…)


This is what I did today–besides that pesky cleaning. I made a massive batch of cabbage rolls while I chatted on the phone with my good friend who also helped me to sort out a mobi file for a giveaway winner. (She’s the best!)

Massive batches of food are my secret to protecting my writing time. A morning spent making cabbage rolls will feed us for six or eight meals, because I freeze two pans of them, and keep the third pan out for immediate consumption. Then when the writing is flowing, I just pull something frozen from my freezer and that’s our dinner.

And cabbage rolls… who can complain? 😉

What’s your go-to time saver?


I’m in a Christmas mood


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I’m a Christmas person. I just love the holidays! In Canada, our Thanksgiving comes in October, so once Halloween is past, we’re good to go for Christmas!

This year, I put off putting up the tree until we were about a week into November, but then I couldn’t hold my 9-year-old back any longer, and we put up all our decorations. Since we have snow outside already, it just feels appropriate.



I’m also one of those really early Christmas shoppers, because I like to get my shopping done without pressure. I also have gifts to mail to my parents, so I need to be timely if I’m going to get everything to the post office on time.


That’s why I picked up this year’s wrapping paper already–and I really like it! These Christmas trappings just make me happy. I enjoy this time of year–the run up to Christmas! I don’t let it get stressful because we stick to a budget and make time for the things that matter to us most–cookies, Christmas movies, carols playing in the background… The good stuff.

Anyone else enjoy the Christmas preamble? Or does it all just stress you out? 

(I do have two Christmas novels coming out this month and December! So I thought I’d leave a couple of links for you…)

Montana Mistletoe BabyBoy's Christmas Wish

Fresh off the truck!


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So remember that book that was translated into Afrikaans? Well, my editor tracked me down a copy! It was just delivered today, and I couldn’t be more excited! This is the first time I’ve been translated into a different language… so a big deal for this humble author.


This is SAFE IN THE LAWMAN’S ARMS, or Veilig in die Polisiebeampte se Arms, if you speak Afrikaans. 😉 This is the first book in my Hope, Montana series with Western Romance, and if you haven’t picked up a copy yet, the ebook is only $2.99! The Mills and Boon version has a different cover, which I find interesting, but it’s the same book.

But really cool, right? 🙂

Safe in the Lawman's Arms Cover20171113_140421

So I decided to celebrate…


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I’m not very good at celebrations when it comes to my writing goals. I really enjoy the process, so I don’t really need a reward to make it all worth it. I just move on to the next project, feeling good about myself.

When I signed with my agent, a writer buddy of mine asked what I was going to do to celebrate. I said, “I don’t know! I was just going to have a cup of tea and get to work on Chapter Twelve.”  She laughed at me and said, “You do you!” Which is pretty much how everyone reacts to my oddities. 😉

So this fall, it suddenly struck me as time to celebrate. And I have a lot of milestones to make up for!

So I got myself a new desk… and I’m in love with it! For the next few years I won’t feel bad about my lack of celebrating, because I’ll just sit back down at my gorgeous desk and keep working. 😉


So there you have it. When I get around to it, I celebrate like a boss! LOL! It just takes me a while. 😉


Officially represented


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Last week, something exciting happened–I secured representation by a literary agent! This is a big deal, because it’s a long and rather frustrating process of searching for an industry professional who will fall in love with your manuscript.

Well, I found her! Rachel Beck of Holloway Literary loved the manuscript I sent her and offered me representation. I worked with Rachel years ago. In fact, she was my very first editor at Harlequin!

So I’m really happy to be working with her again.



Free Read!


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My Free Read is now live on the Harlequin site! This one is called THANKSGIVING WITH HER BOSS.


Photo by Chef Sean Christopher – Directly from the Author, CC BY-SA 3.0,

A late-night kiss is the last straw. Emmie Thomas has tamped down her crush on her boss, Rob West, for almost a year, but she just can’t anymore. What else is there to do but quit and fly to her hometown of North Fork, Alberta, for her family Thanksgiving celebration?

When a mixup sends Rob to Alberta, too, he’s determined to get her back. But does he just want her to be his assistant again? Or is he finally ready to admit he wants something more?


Boy's Christmas WishThis is a prequel to my November release, A BOY’S CHRISTMAS WISH. So if you’d like a taste of the town of North Fork, Alberta and some of the characters there, read THANKSGIVING WITH HER BOSS! I have a feeling you’ll like it. 🙂



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I didn’t realize that some of my books have been translated into Afrikaans. But it’s true!

THE COWBOY’S CITY GIRL is called Die Beesboer Se Stadsnooi in Afrikaans, and here is the cover:51fBxAAwkWL

From what I can tell, this one is only available as an e-book.

I also stumbled across SAFE IN THE LAWMAN’S ARMS, which in Afrikaans is called, Veilig in die polisiebeampte se arms.



And this one is available in print still! I’ve asked my editor at Harlequin to get me a copy of Veilig in die Polisiebeampte se Arms, and they are getting in touch with their third party licencee in South Africa to get me a copy.  I can’t WAIT to have it in my own little hands. When I receive it, I’ll be sure to post.

Another Goodreads giveaway


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I have another giveaway going on right now on Goodreads that I thought I’d tell you about. I will be giving away five free copies of MONTANA MISTLETOE BABY. The draw will be held on October 30, 2017, so there is only one week left to enter!

Montana Mistletoe Baby


Barrie Jones needs a Christmas miracle. Five months pregnant, she’s already the talk of Hope, Montana, because she won’t tell anyone who the father is. And now her ex, Curtis Porter, is back in town, throwing her life into chaos.

Curtis is about to retire from bull riding, which means selling the building that houses Barrie’s veterinary practice—essentially putting her out of business—so he’ll have enough money to start over. He’s the bad guy, right? And Barrie should know better than to give him a second chance, but Curtis seems different… He’s talking about settling down, maybe becoming a family man. Has Curtis really changed? And can Barrie change, too, and trust Curtis to do right by her and her baby?


Tommy Talker


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When I was a little girl, my grandmother gave my brother and I a ventriloquist dummy. It used to belong to my uncles when they were boys, and my grandmother passed it along to us. In fact, I’ve been told that there were two of them at some point, but I honestly don’t remember the second one, or what happened to it.

We played with that dummy for years.I loved Tommy Talker. He featured in stories I used to make up and tell my brother at bed time when we were supposed to be sleeping. Yes, even back then I was an avid storyteller. 😉 “Once upon a time, there was a boy named Tommy who was accidentally flushed down the toilet.” (Hey, I told stories. I’m not saying they were layered and deep.)

He spent time in the corner of bedrooms, had the place of honor in piles of stuffed toys, and eventually got tossed into the toy boxes in the basement and stayed there until my brother and I were far too old to play with toys. The other toys were thrown out and my mother rescued him.



Well, a month or so ago, my mom found Tommy Talker in some old boxes, and she sent him to us for my son to play with. He needed a little bit of patching up. That old cloth is incredibly fragile, but I managed to get him back into shape again, and my son is the third generation to play with Tommy.

Sometimes, I’ll stumble across Tommy in the rocking chair, or on the couch, and there is just something sweet about carrying Tommy to my son’s bedroom at night. Because I remember when Tommy was my buddy, when he’d been the guest at my tea parties, and when he’d starred in the dramatic tales of a boy named Tommy who navigated the underground world of the sewers… And now, as a grown woman looking into his gentlemanly face, I still feel like we still share secrets.





The corner market on beautiful

I’m currently working on a Heartwarming manuscript that features a plus-sized heroine. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and I finally have my chance! My reason? I don’t think that thin women have the corner market on “beautiful,” and I’m tired of plus-sized characters being depicted as women with low self-esteem who are desperate to be thin–the loyal friend, the comedic side-kick. So I’m writing Liv Hylton, my beautiful, vivacious heroine who refuses to diet. She’s opening her own bookstore, and she has plans for her future… just as soon as she can get this pesky cop out of her hair.

The hero has been attracted to her for a few years now. Now she’s single, but he’s investigating her for a criminal case, so the timing is miserable. Still, a guy can hope, right?

Normally, romance is geared toward fantasy… The womanizer who meets the one woman to tame his gallivanting ways for good, for example. Or the heroine’s pregnancy that makes the hero desperate to settle down and just raise some kids already. Realistic? Not in my experience. Fun, though! And don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy reading them because the fantasy is enjoyable.

In this respect, my story leans more towards reality. A beautiful woman of more common proportions attracts a good-looking guy’s attention. And he thinks she’s stunning! Not so far-fetched, is it? 😉