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Mr. Johns doesn’t like me sharing pictures of him online. He’s just shy that way. And for much different reasons, I don’t share pictures of my son. BUT, I do like to show you my family, because they completely fill my heart. So I’m finding loopholes to my “no pictures of husband or child online” rule. And that loophole is my sister-in-law!

She’s currently visiting us from the US, and we went to a little local museum and snapped a few pictures. She agreed to let me share a couple of pictures…

And isn’t she lovely? Such a good-looking family!

So without further ado, here we are at a little historic park.



She snapped this picture of my husband, our son, and I on our way out. ❤


Happy summer, everyone! I hope you’re squeezing out the last drops of August.



Book signing! :)


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This weekend, I did my very first book signing. I was definitely intimidated. I’ve never done a book signing before, and since I’m 17 books deep with Harlequin, I figured it was high time. At the very least, it’s good for character, right?


And now, I can tell you about my amazing friends. I didn’t exactly hide that this scared me to death, and friends from all sorts of different corners came out and found me, bought a book and made me feel loved.

So to all my friends who came out and supported me, a HUGE thank you! And to the one non-friend who bought a book–thank you, too! ❤

I took a selfie with my two local writing buddies. On the left you have my friend who is currently working on getting published. (And I have no doubt she’ll get there very soon!) And on the right, you have Taryn Leigh Taylor who also writes for Harlequin and lives down the street from me. They’re both great–and showed up at the same time.


So there you have it–the book signing that didn’t kill me after all. LOL!

I have some really great people in my life. Just wanted to let you know. ❤

Into the woods…


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20180805_142917In our town, we have this network of trails that goes through this central wooded area, and it’s just beautiful this time of year. Mr. Johns and I decided to go for a long walk, and our ten-year-old son came along because he had to. LOL

Anyway, it was a beautiful, 3 hour walk, and our son complained at the cruelty of his parents forcing him to get actual exercise. It was still a nice walk! And no ten-year-olds were harmed in the writing of this post. But I may have been tempted. 😉

This is what I’ve been up to lately! There isn’t much to rant about. It’s just… summer! And I’m making the most of it. We’ve had some nice heat, and our walk left my hair flat and me all sticky, but who cares, right? Anyone else on the trails looked just like this.


Mr. Johns and our son. 

I took a couple of pictures to show you, because it was just so pretty out! But the pictures don’t do it justice. You can’t hear the woodpeckers and the squirrels. And you can’t feel how good the shade feels.

But this picture was the closest to perfect that I could take with my humble abilities.


And this was so much better in person, too!

Speaking of “in person,” if you’d like to come see me at my book signing on Saturday, August 11 in Spruce Grove, Alberta, I’d be just thrilled to meet you in person!

This will by my first book signing of my career (17 books in!) and I’m terrified. Come make it easier on me! 😉

One last book…


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When I was messaged by one of the August Love Inspired authors about a Facebook party, I had exactly one book left on my shelf to give away at the party… ONE!


Lucky me that I had one left! And lucky whoever wins it!

(Oh, and that Facebook party is TOMORROW!) 

I know I’ve been posting a lot about promotional stuff lately, and I only halfway apologize for that. 😉 Because I’m really excited about this release, and I REALLY think you’ll like it!


But other than clearing out my “newest release” bookshelf on my desk, we’ve been doing some Back to School shopping with our nearly 5th grader. It’s been fun! He’s old enough now that he cares about the clothes we buy him, but doesn’t actually like the shopping experience yet. But still–the stuff I would choose is no longer cool enough for him. So I guess I knew this day was coming.

I also walked him past my book in the drug store when we were running errands the other day and pointed it out.

Me: Hey, come here. I’m going to show you something.

10 yr. old: What?

Me: Recognize that? (pointing at my book in all its glory on the shelf.)

10: Oh, yeah. That’s nice, Mom. 

I swear, he was being extra nice to me in that kind of patronizing kind of way adults use with kids showing their latest Lego creation. He patronized me!  Maybe I should have seen this day coming, too. LOL

So that’s what I’ve been up to. 🙂 I’m looking forward to my life getting back into a regular routine again come September. But I’m still going to make the most of this last month of summer…

Hope you do, too!

Facebook Party


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On August 7, from 6-10 EST, the August Love Inspired authors are having a party, and everyone is invited!

There will be prizes and a chance to connect with your favourite authors–including me! My time block is 8:20-8:40 EST, and I’ll be giving away my very last copy of The Deputy’s Unexpected Family!


So if you can, come on by and discover some new books this month. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

In these proportions


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Look what the UPS guy brought? My massive book cover sign for my upcoming book signing on August 11!

Isn’t it huge? I love it! I mean how often does a girl get her book cover delivered to her in these proportions? I mean, maybe more often now that I’m determined to do more book signings. 😉



If you are in the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area on August 11, please come by and say hello! I’d love to see you. 🙂


In all its glory!


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I visited my book in the bookstore today–it’s the most fun! I love seeing it on the shelf… and there was only one there, so I’m hoping that meant a sale or two already!


I love this story–a rebel cop who finds out he fathered a child four years earlier, and he’s not ready to be a dad. This is the last book in my Comfort Creek Lawmen series. I hope you enjoy it!

If you see my book in a store, snap a picture with it! I’d love to see it out there in the wild! 🙂 You can post the picture on my Facebook page or tweet it at me and I’ll share it with everyone.

Happy summer, everyone!


Don’t roll your eyes


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I’ve heard the phrase “living your best life” a lot, and I never really gave it much notice. I have to admit, that the people who used that particular phrase tended to be the yoga, green tea type–the ones who drink kale smoothies and run at 6 am.

Not me, in other words.



But lately, I’ve been thinking about what MY “best life” looks like. I’m turning 40 this fall, and I’d heard that when you hit your forties, you just no longer give a crap about other people’s opinions. And I feel that coming on! Women In Their Forties used to seem like a club far in the future, women I had nothing in common with, and suddenly it’s upon me. I’m kind of excited! I feel like I get to play with the big girls now. 🙂

But what do I WANT? What kind of life do I want to live? I have a few personal rules that I’m holding onto that I think help me be the happiest I can be. They might change as I go, but so far, this is what I’ve got:

  1. I’m wearing clothes that fit me well, and I’m not dieting to fit into ANYTHING.
    I think that’s self explanatory. I mean, this is the body I’ve got. I can either enjoy it, appreciate it, and dress it well, or I can be critical of it. I prefer the former.
  2. I’m guiltlessly saying No to the stuff I don’t want to do. That list includes, but is not limited to: volunteer positions I don’t have time for, going out after 8 pm, babysitting, group work, and donating at the cash register.
  3. I‘m taking the time to smell the roses… and the first drafts! I’m lucky enough to be writing for a living, and that doesn’t come easily. I don’t take it for granted. But in all the hustle of making that living, it’s easy to forget to enjoy the process. So I’m reminding myself to have fun with this. I mean, if you can’t have fun when making up stories, then when?

So my personal “best life” might not include kale or yoga, but it does include writing a whole lot of books, holding my family close, and enjoying the ride.


Don’t roll your eyes. Yes, I hear it. You could paint all of this onto reclaimed wood and decorate your lake house with it. But it’s also sincere.

So what about you? What does YOUR best life look like? 

Summer writing


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I’m sorry to be posting late. I’ve been writing like a fiend, and I’m starting to get tired.


So I thought I’d give you an idea of my summer writing schedule–if that kind of thing interests you.

For July, these were my goals:

  1. Finish writing a Heartwarming novel that is due September 1.
  2. Write an Amish novella that is contracted with my new publisher, Kensington.


For August, I still need to:

  1. Edit that Heartwarming novel that is due September 1.
  2. Put together a new proposal for my agent.
  3. Edit the Amish novella
  4. Do a book signing! That’s for like, one afternoon, but I figure it still deserves to be on the list.


This is what my writing schedule looks like this summer, so not a lot of rest for me. I’ve been writing hard!

Nice guys


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The best men are interesting. I know that I write about hunky heartthrobs who draw every female eye, but I find that in real life the guys who garner less immediate attention tend to be the ones I like better.

Have you ever noticed that? Ordinary guys… the ones who blend into the background a little more. They’re thinkers. They have character. They stand for something. Oftentimes, they’ve been overlooked for some reason or other, so they know what it feels like to be ignored or passed over. They aren’t relying on their instant charisma or their obvious monetary success to get them what they want. They know how to dig deeper down and to work hard.

They tend to be kinder, too. (The good ones, at least. Some get meaner. Run from those.) The good guys have spent more time with their own thoughts, and less time being pet and told how wonderful they are. They’ve watched other relationships around them, and they’ve formed a few opinions about what they want to receive, and what they want to give. They have a stronger sense of self that’s not reliant on female attention.

In my mind, that’s a real man. Getting to know him is a treat.

Is he rich? Not likely. Is he stunningly handsome? Maybe not to everyone, but every man has an attractive quality. Besides what you find incredibly attractive might not be what I do. Is he smooth? Heavens, no! He hasn’t been romantically involved with that that many women to have honed those skills.

But is he worth the time to get to know him? Is he worthy of your heart, and eventually your vow?



There are good men out there! They say that nice guys finish last, but I don’t think so. I don’t know about you, but if there’s a guy who doesn’t have all the women flirting with him constantly, who doesn’t flirt back, who’s already made it clear that he’s not the kind of guy who plays a fast game, I think he’s a whole lot more interesting as a person, and a a romantic partner.

And here’s a secret: when that guy who’s been saving himself for the right woman finally unleashes all that pent up romance and passion, it’s so much more rewarding! Trust me, he’s worth it!

Nice guys don’t finish last–they play on a whole different level!




And speaking of the guys worthy of your love…

My newest book will hit the shelves in just a couple of weeks, but you can get a copy now through Harlequin’s site!

4.276178.512.9781335428264_LPFrom stubborn bachelor to family man…
Comfort Creek Lawmen have a new member

Returning home has stirred painful memories for officer Gabe Banks. But responding to a robbery at Harper Kemp’s bridal shop has upended his world. Harper’s adopted four-year-old is the daughter he never knew existed. Gabe’s no longer the bad boy Harper remembers, but he’s still terrified of commitment. Despite their fierce attraction, Harper must protect her little girl’s heart…and her own.