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As an author, you have to be able to do this… because you can’t compare yourself! People know how to classify an accountant, or a lawyer, or a stay at home mom. They have a general sense of how much you make if you’re a manager or a bank teller. But as an author… where do you land? They have no idea! You’ve chosen a path that very few people choose, and you’re kind of on your own out there. Sink or swim, successful or not, when you walk into a room there isn’t another person who understands what you’re doing with yourself… or why! You’re going to be the odd one out.

But that’s okay. Because when I walk into a room, I don’t see people I need to compare myself to, I see a roomful of walking stories.

People are intriguing! They are all reacting to something, they’re all inspired by something and frightened by something else. And that unique combination of elements guides every single step they take.

So I don’t compare myself to others, I compare people to other people, and if you catch me looking at you all thoughtfully, it’s very likely that I’m wondering what it’s like to walk in your shoes… who you love… what you long for…

Because you’re interesting. 🙂


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As a bishop’s daughter and good Amish mother, widowed Sadie Hochstetler teaches her young son that God blesses those who try their best to please Him. But her brief marriage taught her that life is infinitely more complicated than that. Older, and serious, her late husband seemed a sensible choice—especially compared to Elijah Fisher, the spirited boy with whom she butted heads and hearts. Then Elijah abruptly left for the Englisher world, taking Sadie’s beloved brother along with him—a double betrayal she still strives to forgive. Especially now that Elijah has returned . . .

Elijah plans to stay in the Amish community only as long as he’s needed, helping his family and working for Sadie’s ailing father. The outside world has changed him, leading him to question rules and restrictions that others take on faith. Once, he’d been head over heels in love with the bishop’s daughter—a girl he was judged unworthy of courting. Nine years have changed so much between them. Yet something remains—a spark that, for all their differences, might light the way home again . . .