A wonderful melty mess


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Spring is here! I think… Spring can shifty. You can think you have spring, get a blizzard, and then think you have spring again, only to get a big deep freeze. These things happen, so I’m afraid to actually call it “spring.” But look at this wonderful, melty mess!

Since we are officially in March now, at least we know we’ll see more of this and less of winter now! And it has me SO READY for some warmer weather.

Last fall, I swore I’d never use these planters again. They’re such a mess to clean up, especially when you’re working from a balcony, but I just might use them again… we’ll see!

At the very least, they have me thinking about what plants I’ll have on my balcony this year. I haven’t fully decided yet whether I will go for fruits and veggies like last year, or just do flowers. Or a mix of both! But I’m ready for some greenery. It does my heart good.

Are you all as ready for spring as I am? Is anyone starting their gardening yet in warmer areas?


Don’t forget about my newest release, THE PREACHER’S SON, that’s on the shelves now! This is a brand new miniseries, and I’m seeing such positive reviews! You can read a sample of the book on Kensington Books website, too. 🙂

My local library’s podcast!

I was so honoured to be asked by my good friend and librarian, Simone Cox, to be a guest on our local library’s podcast. It was so fun to be there and to chat with her. She and I have been good friends for years. It all started with a mutual love of Star Trek, and we’ve stayed connected ever since.

If you’d like to take a listen, this is where you’ll find it. My interview starts at about 41:25.

And don’t forget about my latest release that is on the shelves now! THE PREACHER’S SON is available at Walmart, and wherever books are sold.


If you like a murder mystery…


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Over the years, I’ve gotten to know all sorts of other writers, and one of those interesting people I’m lucky to call a friend, is Newfoundland-based Canadian Lit author, Trudy Morgan-Cole. She’s a well-respected historical Canadian Lit author who also likes to dabble in other forms of writing. (She’s written a few plays, one being produced locally this fall… historical fiction, Biblical fiction, some YA, and a few others.)

Canadian Lit author, Trudy Morgan-Cole

And lucky for me, she’s also bored out of her mind right now with the pandemic, and she’s decided to write a cozy murder mystery serial with some Newfoundland regional flavour.

Can I just tell you, I’m loving this story! I have no idea how many chapters this serial has, but I’m going to be following along!

So if you’d enjoy some just-for-the-fun of it murder mystery hi-jinx, then definitely check out Not the Foggiest Clue!

And you’re welcome!

Look what arrived!


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Look what the FedEx driver brought me! I’m so thrilled to have these ARCs of THE PREACHER’S DAUGHTER because they are going to be a part of some upcoming giveaways for those of you who have been waiting for a chance to get your hands on this one!

THE PREACHER’S DAUGHTER is the second book in the INFAMOUS AMISH miniseries, following the story of Elizabeth Yoder, daughter of the disgraced Amish preacher who defrauded their community. Elizabeth just wants to move on with her life, but she doesn’t feel right leaving for a new community until she knows her little sister is safe. So she accepts an invitation to help the elderly Bridget Lantz for a few weeks.

But when Bridget’s grandson, Solomon arrives home fresh from a stint in prison, Elizabeth is determined to keep her distance. But in a community where the Yoders aren’t to be trusted, rugged, muscular Sol is the only one who understands her position, ironically enough. And as she watches the young man struggle with hard memories and his own hopes of a fresh start, she can’t help but feel some sympathy for him.

But sympathy can be dangerous, especially when coupled with the kind of attraction that seems to be brewing between them.


Starting on February 24th, I have a brand new giveaway beginning on my Facebook page! As soon as I post it, the giveaway will be pinned to the top of the page, so it’s easy to find. This time, I’m teaming up with fan favorite, Rachel J. Good.

So this is a little sneak peek! If you’re on Facebook, and you haven’t come by to give me a like yet, definitely do! I have constant giveaways going on on my page, and we have a lot of fun!

More talented than you think!


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Every once in a while, I decide to give out some writing advice. 🙂 It isn’t often, because most fabulous writing advice has been given before. But every once in a while, I come across a nugget that I don’t think has been said, and I chime in. This is one of those times.

I’m sure you’ve seen this Stephen King quote before:

Most people read this and think about the hard work necessary to be successful in this field–and they aren’t wrong.

But I’d like to point out something else–just how common real, true, unadulterated talent is. It’s out there–and there’s more of it sprinkled across the population than you think! So many people would love to write a book or break into the book writing field and they think, I’m not good enough. There are too many people out there who are better. I’m not talented. The competition is too fierce. I’d never make it.

But talent is common! You might be a whole lot more talented than you realize. Don’t let Imposter Syndrome tell you that you don’t belong, because you may very well be just as talented as Stephen King. That’s a thought, isn’t it? You may very well have all the same abilities and raw talents as one of the greats. If you knew that you had the same amount of talent as one of the big writers, would you be willing to put the work in to follow in their footsteps?

It’s worth thinking about, isn’t it?

Don’t count yourself out before you’ve tried. And don’t think that the ones who hit it big are somehow more special than you are. If you love to write, then write! And submit your work. Keep trying! The world needs your talent, too.


And while I have you here, just a quick reminder about my newest release! It’s on the shelves now in Walmart and everywhere books are sold!

The mother of all staplers


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Our son loves to write, and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He’s just about thirteen now, and with Covid raging, and school happening from home, he’s had a lot more time to devote to his writing. He’s at that age where hanging out with his mom and dad isn’t quite the draw it used to be, and often Mr. Johns and I will look at each other and say, “Where is our son?” Then we go knock on his bedroom door, and where is he? At his desk, hunkered over his computer, typing away on his newest story. He’s a boy after his mom’s own heart.

Over the last year or so, his stories have been getting longer. At first, his books would be about twenty pages or so. Now, they’re closer to fifty pages long, and stapling them together had gotten to be a feat of stapling sections, and then paper clipping the sections together. Staples just wouldn’t go through all the way. Until now…

May I introduce you to our new stapler! This is a heavy duty monster of a stapler that can staple up to 130 sheets at once–given that you use the right staples, of course. So I bought two sizes of staples, both larger than regular staples, and I am set for the publishing duties of a proud mother. The next book that gets printed out is going to be stapled all the way through the first time. I can’t wait!

And speaking of books, I have a new release available now! Have you picked up your copy yet?



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BAM, Bookshop.org, Hudson Booksellers, Indiebound…

Another cover reveal!


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My SECOND CHANCE CLUB miniseries has been such a joy to write! These books have heroines who are 40-ish with heroes old enough to know what they want and how to get it. They have more to lose, and it takes a whole lot more to sweep them off their feet, but true love always finds a way.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN BABY releases June 2021, and it is the third book in the miniseries. Marketing expert Taryn Cook is seven months pregnant when she arrives at the Mountain Springs Resort to do an ad campaign, and she’s stunned to run into an old acquaintance… more than an acquaintance, actually. He’s the father of her child whom she never expected to see again!

But here they are in the idyllic mountain resort with two weeks of work ahead of them, and they’re determined to keep this professional for their baby’s sake. This child will need two functional parents, and having a strong friendship for co-parenting seems more important right now than following the attraction that brought them together to begin with.

But with the Second Chance Dinner Club which meets at the resort for their monthly gatherings and some understanding women who’ve all been there before, a happily ever after starts to feel possible.

These are the first two books in the miniseries–you should definitely check them out!

A Fresh Fiction Fresh Pick!


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Fresh Fiction chose THE PREACHER’S SON as their Fresh Pick for Friday, February 5, and I couldn’t have been more honoured to be chosen.

The Fresh Pick is never paid advertisement or promotion, so it really meant a lot to me! And the review was so kind.

If you’d like to see the full review, it is HERE.

But here are a few quotes:

THE PREACHER’S SON is an awesome start to a dramatic new miniseries entitled “Infamous Amish Series” by bestselling author Patricia Johns. I was intrigued by the title and THE PREACHER’S SON is even more wonderful than I had imagined.   I have read many Amish books and this is certainly one of the most heartfelt and realistic I have read!”

“Johns is a very talented storyteller and handled these situations very effectively in her book. To my mind, THE PREACHER’S SON has an edgier slant and perspective which is probably more realistic to real Amish communities in her descriptions of the dilemmas the lead characters face as they struggle with their problems while striving to be true to their beliefs and their commitment to God.

“I don’t want to give away more of the story; however, I can definitely affirm that readers who love Amish stories or Christian fiction will definitely find THE PREACHER’S SON a very compelling read either as a standalone story or as the lead into the rest of the Infamous Amish. Given that, I have to admit I am eagerly looking forward to THE PREACHER’S DAUGHTER due out in May 2021. Enjoy!”

Pick up your copy of THE PREACHER’S SON today!


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Hudson Booksellers

And more…

A lovely box of books!


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Look what arrived! I got my gorgeous official copies of THE PREACHER’S SON, the first in my new Infamous Amish miniseries! These are on the shelves now in Walmart and wherever books are sold. I couldn’t be more excited about this story of redemption and forgiveness, and I hope you’ll all rush out and buy a copy. 🙂

I’ll be including these gorgeous new copies in my upcoming giveaways on Facebook. If you haven’t come to find me there, you are definitely missing out! I do constant giveaways with other authors, and we have a lot of fun! You have a chance to win my books, and other books by other beloved authors, as well as some names that might be new to you. So come by and give me a like. 🙂

From the back of the book:

In this poignant new series, Patricia Johns introduces an Amish family striving to reclaim the promise of love, marriage, and community after a shocking change in circumstance. Her sensitive storytelling and realistically flawed, yet endearing characters bring depth and heart to this tender story about faith and second chances.

The Amish residents of Bountiful, Pennsylvania, are stunned when preacher Abe Yoder is imprisoned for fraud. For Abe’s son, Isaiah, the news cuts doubly deep. His daet’s misdeeds have cost Isaiah his family’s land and their good name. To support his sisters, he takes a job in the Glick family’s book-binding shop, though it means working alongside a woman who has every reason to resent him. Yet, his attraction to Bethany Glick’s beauty and warmth is undimmed…

Isaiah’s daet’s actions helped drive Bethany’s fiancé to the Englischer world, and cost her own father his savings. Their shop is in need of Isaiah’s brawn and skill, but if she’s to start over after heartbreak, she needs a man she can trust. Not a Yoder. But Isaiah isn’t giving up so easily. And when Bethany faces a dilemma, there may be a way for each to find not just redemption, but a joyful new love…

Canadians holding hands


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We’ve had a bit of a cold snap here in our corner of Alberta, Canada, but Mr. Johns and I have been committed to getting outside and getting some exercise. Fresh air helps with… everything! Don’t you think?

Anyway, we snapped a few pictures. This was -17C / 1F, so chilly out there. I was really warm. Not only was I dressed for the arctic, but I’m at an age where I’m just always warm. Women of this age know what I’m talking about!

Mr. Johns took a few pictures of me so you could see my winter get up. This is the first time I’ve broken out the parka this year, so we felt it was photo-worthy. 😉

I hope you’re all staying warm and cozy this winter! Much love from the Johns home to yours!


On the shelves now! Do you have your copy?