Outlasting the murderous bastards ;)


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I haven’t always been plus-sized. There was time when I was thin as anything. But then DNA, age and childbirth combined in a glorious right of passage, and here I am!

I apologize for nothing. I look fantastic–all curvy and cute. I look huggable. I am huggable… for the right people, of course.

When I was thin, I was cold a lot. Even in summer. If I missed a meal, I got shaky and saw spots. Now? I’m winterized. Bring it on! I have more energy. I’m more comfortable in my own body. I was a beautiful woman then, and I’m a beautiful woman now. A few pounds changes nothing, except my flexibility when it comes to mealtimes.




There is no-one more beautiful than the woman who feels completely comfortable in her own body. There really is no one type of beauty to exclude all the others. It’s being able to look in the mirror and recognize just how lovely you are that makes all the difference.

Muffin tops and unsightly rolls only exist in poorly fitting clothing. If you don’t feel gorgeous, girl, go shopping! Because under those clothes, you are absolutely perfect.

So let’s outlast those murderous bastards and live our lives to the full! 🙂 We’re beautiful survivors.


And don’t forget about my new release featuring the plus-sized heroine you didn’t know you needed!  It’s available this month in an early e-book version through the Harlequin site. It’s coming in the official paperback online release October 2. 🙂


Their relationship isn’t real…

But his feelings for her are!

Detective Jack Talbott has devoted his life to ending police corruption. His latest target is Liv Hylton, the ex-wife of a dirty cop. She’s also the woman he’s secretly loved for years. To get close to her, Jack’s going undercover as her boyfriend. But when the evidence points to Liv’s innocence and a threat to her safety, he’ll do anything to protect her. Even risk his career…


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And another cover!


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I’ve gotten another cover to show you–so exciting!

This one is the first book in my Montana Twins miniseries with Harlequin. Cowboys, twins, romance… how can you go wrong?


What do you think? The baby holding his finger just turns me to mush!

This book comes out in January 2019, and the second book in the Montana Twins miniseries, Her Twins’ Cowboy Dad, comes out in May 2019. 🙂

And right now, I’m writing the third book in the miniseries… Cowboys and adorable twins. I’m loving this!

I worry for your health…


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Tess Holiday has been raked over the coals recently for being on the cover a magazine. There were lots of comments by people claiming to be concerned about her health. Thin women don’t get that treatment. These people made all sorts of passive aggressive comments about how she might look happy and beautiful, but they worried for her health.


And then, of course, there were the others who said that by being on the cover of Cosmo, she “glorified obesity.” Just by standing there. As if by being on a magazine, she’ll inspire millions of women to leap from their treadmills and change their entire body type. (“Never mind! I never realized there was another option!”) There’s no risk of that, I can assure you.  But... there might be some girls who look at Tess, look down at themselves, and realized that they’re beautiful just as they are. Heaven forbid girls and women feel attractive and worthy, right?


We women go through enough at the hands of “the system” without turning on each other. No one is worried about a plus-sized woman’s health to the point that they feel they can invade her privacy and spout off. Because really… you’re concerned about her health? I call BS on that. If she were thin and standing here with a can of pop in her hand, would you worry about the amount of sugar she was consuming? Would a cigarette or an alcoholic drink make you suddenly alarmed for her longevity? Not likely. But when a plus-sized woman simply stands there feeling confident, looking beautiful and drawing the gaze of people who might not have looked before, suddenly everyone is concerned about a complete stranger’s health.

I wrack my brain to think of what their motivation is, because I highly doubt they are personally concerned about her health. Is it jealousy? A worry that there might be more competition for the male gaze than before? Is it just a toppled sense of the hierarchy of women, where she isn’t supposed to achieve that level of attention? Why the anger? Why the negativity?

Ms. Holiday doesn’t need anybody’s worry. She’s beautiful, successful, and at the top of her career. She’s married with a beautiful family. Any “worry” on her behalf is very misplaced, and I love that she’s on the front of Cosmo! She makes me feel beautiful, too.

Being a woman has never been easy, and it’s high time we stopped fighting each other and banded together.

In my my upcoming release, I wrote my most recent heroine as a gorgeous, confident, plus-sized woman. Why? Because I wanted a heroine who looked like me, and who was absolutely perfect just as she was. She’s sweet, sassy, and just the hero’s type.

No treadmill required. 😉



Their relationship isn’t real…

But his feelings for her are!

Detective Jack Talbott has devoted his life to ending police corruption. His latest target is Liv Hylton, the ex-wife of a dirty cop. She’s also the woman he’s secretly loved for years. To get close to her, Jack’s going undercover as her boyfriend. But when the evidence points to Liv’s innocence and a threat to her safety, he’ll do anything to protect her. Even risk his career…

E-book available on the Harlequin site now!

Bring on school!


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School is almost here–as in it starts TOMORROW!–and that means I’ll have my workdays to myself again. Of course, I’ll miss my son, because he really is my favourite kid on the planet, but I’m really looking forward to some quiet. It might not surprise you to know that writing books is much easier when you don’t have a ten-year-old singing his own inappropriate versions of Christmas carols to the parrot in the same room. 😉



This summer flew by! I had planned my summer with a light workload, so when things came up I kept dropping them into my summer thinking, “It’s fine… I have a light summer.”

Yeah… it was a REALLY busy summer! My parents moved out from Toronto, my husband had a month off of work (which is way less helpful in getting work done than you’d think), and then there were all those little jobs I’d left for myself to get done. But I got it all done!

And I am so ready for the fall!

Especially my October release

I’ll just put this right here… in case you wanted to check it out… 😉 4.278504.512.9781335633828

Available NOW in e-book on the Harlequin site!

*For the paperback copy and any other e-tailer, you’ll have to wait for the official October 2 release. 

Don’t change a thing!


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I do like to read books that have beautiful, thin, interesting heroines who can eat whatever they want and still stay lithe and lean… It’s fun to escape into a new person’s life. But when I put the book down and look in the mirror, I feel the difference. I don’t look like that. And there is a beat where I look at myself, and I lose the confidence that I normally have.

I hate that feeling.

I don’t tend to come across too many books that feature a beautiful, plus-sized heroine who isn’t fighting her weight or filled with self-loathing. There are a few, and what I like most about them is that when I finish reading the book and look in the mirror, I feel beautiful. So I decided to write the kind of book that I need. I wanted to write a book where the the heroine is gorgeous, plus-sized, feels no need to change herself, and is absolutely intoxicating to the hero.

Because in real life, being plus-sized is not a liability! At least it isn’t for me, and I hope there are a lot of other women who share my experience. There are men out there who aren’t seeing a dress size–they’re seeing curves! My husband loves my figure, and that includes my size! He thinks I’m gorgeous, and he wouldn’t change a thing about me.

So this book has a special place in my heart. I hope you’ll be swept away in the romance, and when you’re finished reading it and you pass by a mirror, I hope you’ll feel a little thrill when you realize just how beautiful you are.




Their relationship isn’t real…

But his feelings for her are!

Detective Jack Talbott has devoted his life to ending police corruption. His latest target is Liv Hylton, the ex-wife of a dirty cop. She’s also the woman he’s secretly loved for years. To get close to her, Jack’s going undercover as her boyfriend. But when the evidence points to Liv’s innocence and a threat to her safety, he’ll do anything to protect her. Even risk his career…

Coming October 2!




A brand new cover!


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Here it is! My debut into Amish romance through Kensington Books! I can’t wait for this book’s release in May 2019… but until then, here is the cover!

The Bishop's Daughter MM


From the Kobo site where you can pre-order now:

“In this poignant, beautifully written novel, a faithful young Amish widow is reunited with her wayward first love . . .

“As a bishop’s daughter and good Amish mother, widowed Sadie Hochstetler teaches her young son that God blesses those who try their best to please Him. But her brief marriage taught her that life is infinitely more complicated than that. Older, and serious, her late husband seemed a sensible choice—especially compared to Elijah Fisher, the spirited boy with whom she butted heads and hearts. Then Elijah abruptly left for the Englisher world, taking Sadie’s beloved brother along with him—a double betrayal she still strives to forgive. Especially now that Elijah has returned . . .
“Elijah plans to stay in the Amish community only as long as he’s needed, helping his family and working for Sadie’s ailing father. The outside world has changed him, leading him to question rules and restrictions that others take on faith. Once, he’d been head over heels in love with the bishop’s daughter—a girl he was judged unworthy of courting. Nine years have changed so much between them. Yet something remains—a spark that, for all their differences, might light the way home again . . .”



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When I was in my twenties, I worked for a bank, so I was privy to a lot of confidential information. There was one guy who would come into the bank on a weekly basis. He drove his Porsche up to the front, parked where we could all see his car, and proceeded to flirt with every single female employee. He was dressed to the nines, and the other customers in line must have thought he was a big shot. But what they didn’t know was that when he came up to the wicket and took out $500 in cash, he was emptying his account. He was deeply in debt, he had flags all over his accounts for bounced checks and whatnot, and when he took money out, there were only pennies left.

And then there was this older guy. He was never dressed well–I mean, he really looked sloppy. His hair wasn’t combed. He smelled, if I have to be honest. And he’d come with this grubby pile of bills tied together with a dirty elastic. Those were the bills of his extended family. He was incredibly wealthy and paid of a lot their living expenses. When he took about $100 in cash, he left $500,000 in his checking account.

From outward appearances, who was the successful one?


I’m not saying that money is the grand indicator of success, but I am saying that it’s hard to judge what people don’t flash about, financially and otherwise.

I’m glad I worked that job, even though I truly loathed bank work, because it taught me a lot about appearances. It’s a whole lot harder to jump to conclusions about someone when you realize how very little we see on the outside.

Life can be weird. A decade or two can turn all sorts of tables. The ones who seemed so flashy can bottom out. The ones who seemed to start out so slowly can end up on top. But after a few decades, you start to realize how little those trappings of success matter in the grander scheme. We only have so many years on this planet. We’re just a bunch of people doing our best with the cards we’ve been dealt. And we’re all getting older, our years being used up.

I truly believe that when our lives end, there is a Heaven, and the money, the “success,” the appearances, will no longer matter a bit. It’ll just be bare souls, starting a new journey. And the ones who seemed the least exciting on Earth, just might be the most beautiful souls on the other side.

The most important things we’ll ever know about other people are buried deep beneath the surface.

That’s how I see it, anyway.



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Mr. Johns doesn’t like me sharing pictures of him online. He’s just shy that way. And for much different reasons, I don’t share pictures of my son. BUT, I do like to show you my family, because they completely fill my heart. So I’m finding loopholes to my “no pictures of husband or child online” rule. And that loophole is my sister-in-law!

She’s currently visiting us from the US, and we went to a little local museum and snapped a few pictures. She agreed to let me share a couple of pictures…

And isn’t she lovely? Such a good-looking family!

So without further ado, here we are at a little historic park.



She snapped this picture of my husband, our son, and I on our way out. ❤


Happy summer, everyone! I hope you’re squeezing out the last drops of August.


Book signing! :)


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This weekend, I did my very first book signing. I was definitely intimidated. I’ve never done a book signing before, and since I’m 17 books deep with Harlequin, I figured it was high time. At the very least, it’s good for character, right?


And now, I can tell you about my amazing friends. I didn’t exactly hide that this scared me to death, and friends from all sorts of different corners came out and found me, bought a book and made me feel loved.

So to all my friends who came out and supported me, a HUGE thank you! And to the one non-friend who bought a book–thank you, too! ❤

I took a selfie with my two local writing buddies. On the left you have my friend who is currently working on getting published. (And I have no doubt she’ll get there very soon!) And on the right, you have Taryn Leigh Taylor who also writes for Harlequin and lives down the street from me. They’re both great–and showed up at the same time.


So there you have it–the book signing that didn’t kill me after all. LOL!

I have some really great people in my life. Just wanted to let you know. ❤