Look what arrived!

It’s always exciting to get a box of books, and I’ve been so excited to get these ones! A PRECIOUS CHRISTMAS GIFT hits the shelves late November, and I really think you’ll love this one…

If you don’t shed a tear with this one, you’re dead inside! LOL! I’m joking–but this one made me shed a few tears, and I knew the happy, heartwarming ending that was coming, so… πŸ˜‰

I will be including this book in a few giveaways, so come by my Facebook page if you’d like to be a part of that! I do regular giveaways with other inspirational and sweet authors, so you can have a chance to win book bundles that include my books as well as books by other fabulous authors you might already love!


From Scratch!


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If you were to start your library from scratch, which books would you buy?

This is the dilemma I’m facing!

Fifteen years ago, my husband and I, fresh from our wedding, moved from Toronto, Ontario to Alberta with only the items that would fit the trunk of our car. It was an adventure, and I had to leave my library behind. Then we lived cheap, we used public libraries, and we had a child, so I put off rebuilding my library. I read and read, but I didn’t keep those books on my own shelves.

I also wrote and wrote, and with my own books coming out, I always had books on shelves–most of them my own! And we needed somewhere to keep them… They pile up! (I know, weird author problems… πŸ˜‰ )

Excuses, excuses… but I’m now finally rebuilding my very own, personal library. It was time, and it’s rather exciting! But I have decided on a few guidelines:

  1. I will only buy books that I truly want to own and will read again (or that I’ve wanted to read for a long time.)
    No complete works of Shakespeare.
  2. I will only buy books that make me feel happy.
    I don’t want to surround myself with books that depress me, remind me of difficult times, or don’t add to my overall sense of happiness. Space is too precious for that. I want books that I loved, or that I have special memories attached to, or that suit a cozy reading mood when the weather is cold and the heat is cranked up.
  3. If I have the chance to own a leather-bound, or hardcover version of a book that I love, I am jumping on that!
    Price be darned.

So far, there are no leather-bound copies of books I love. But give me time. I’ll get there. πŸ˜‰

What books would you buy if you were starting your library from scratch? Which books would be the highest on your personal shopping list?

And speaking of my own books coming out, don’t forget that I have a brand new Amish romance on the shelves!


It’s on the shelves!


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JEB’S WIFE is on the shelves now, and I’ve been hearing from a lot of readers saying that they’ve picked up their copy and just loved the book. That makes an author’s entire week! Or more. After all that hard work, having a story out there in the world and having readers enjoy it this much makes it all so worth it.

And there it is, is all its glory! Isn’t it pretty?

Here’s a fun fact for you–in my area in Alberta, Canada, Walmart stocks cowboy stories instead of Amish, so I’ve never seen my Kensington books on the shelves in person. Luckily, I have incredibly kind readers who will snap a photo of it for me so I can at least see a picture of my book out there in the wild… πŸ˜‰

I do hope you’ll pick up a copy when you spot it… and if you were feeling incredibly kind, you could even send me a picture of it, and I’d be super grateful!


A dollhouse bookshelf


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Why, you ask?

I have no good reason for wanting a dollhouse bookshelf as badly as I did, except that I love dollhouses and simply don’t have the space for one. I considering doing a dollhouse single room, but again, I’d have to find a place to display it, and that’s not so easily done in our home.

BUT, that didn’t mean I couldn’t choose my favorite piece of dollhouse furniture–a bookshelf–and display it on my desk! So that is what I did.

I display it on my desk, in these little cubbies meant for either books or knickknacks. So why not a combination of both? I bought the tiny books separately at our local craft store. The top shelves of books are just block of books, but the bottom shelf has individual books with real pages! I just love details like that. And the drawer and cabinet doors all open and shut. I tucked some little surprises in the drawer, like a clipboard, and some pencils… not sure what I’ll put in the bottom cabinet yet!

I can’t tell you how much I love it! It makes me happy just looking at it! I might get creative and add to the room a little bit… a plush chair? A tiny desk? It’s already tempting me! But this is the sort of thing I do when I’m not writing. I obsess over tiny furniture. πŸ˜‰

I think I can finally say I have a hobby!


JEB’S WIFE is in stores now!

Another new cover!


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I have another cover to show you–this one is for my May 2021 release called THE PREACHER’S DAUGHTER. This is book 2 in my INFAMOUS AMISH miniseries.

Do you love this cover as much as I do? Because I couldn’t be happier with it!

preacher's daughter

The first book in this miniseries is released 2021, and I can’t wait to share these stories with you!

When popular preacher Abe Yoder is arrested for fraud, the entire Amish community of Bountiful, Pennsylvania is rocked, and his young adult children are left to put their lives back together again.

The Amish believe in forgiveness, but they’re human, too, and forgetting is a whole other challenge…

So when Elizabeth Yoder meets Solomon Lantz, she’s determined to keep her distance. He’s been to prison. He knows how to fight, how to hit harder and take a punch. And he’s got the kind muscle that’s only built by lifting weights behind prison walls… She needs someone safe, not this dangerous, emotionally scarred bad boy who’s bent on protecting her from English troublemakers.Β 

So why won’t her heart listen to reason?

Infamous Amish

Reasons to get dressed


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With our delightful pandemic, a lot of people are new to working from home. I’ve been doing this for over a decade now, so I feel like I might have a bit of wisdom for those who are new to this.


Get dressed! (In new clothes… every single day.)

I’m a work-from-home author who not only gets dressed every morning, but who does her hair, puts on face cream/makeup, buys new clothes, and even wears perfume. It might sound nuts, but I have a few reasons.

  1. I feel like a successful person facing the day when I’m dressed and smelling/looking nice.
  2. It gives my brain the kick that it needs to get into work mode. At the kitchen table in my bathrobe: that’s home time. I can stare blearily at the wall or chit chat with my family, or just enjoy my tea. When I’m dressed and “presentable”: time for work!
  3. It really helps keep the blues away. Sitting in my bathrobe, looking at pictures online of women looking great makes me feel dowdy. But when I feel like I look nice, I don’t get that “oh, look at her… She looks great… I feel fat…” kind of mood.
  4. I like turning Mr. Johns’s head. There, I said it! I really do! I like having him come home from work carrying a bag of tools, and have him see me looking pretty. And when I go get a kiss, I like to smell like my favorite perfume. If I can’t be the prettiest girl in the room in my own kitchen, then when else can I do it?

So there you are–several excellent reasons to get dressed in the morning! You know, in case you needed them. πŸ˜‰


On the shelves now!Β 

Do you have your copy yet?

Pub Weekly review

Another box of books!


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It’s late August and I can just start to feel a hint of fall in the air… and I just received a box of Christmas books!

If you haven’t read my Second Chance Club miniseries yet, I think you’ll love them! These are the stories of women who are part of a dinner club hosted in a Rocky Mountain resort. The women are divorced, trying to figure out the next step in their lives, and leaning on each other through it all. Somehow, with some good friends and some fine dining, life feels a little easier to handle!

mountain m c

Definitely check these out! They’ll remind you why life is beautiful, I promise!

7 x 5 in

Mountain Mistletoe Christmas releases October 2020! So pre-order it now so you don’t miss out!

The Pioneer Woman magazine!


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Are any of you Ree Drummond fans from the Food Network? As you may already know, I really like her!


And I’m so excited to tell you that my book is one of Kensington Books Down Home Reads in the Pioneer Woman magazine. πŸ™‚

It’s just so neat to see my book included!

Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 4.41.27 PM

JEB’S WIFE is Jodi Thomas’s third pick!

Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 4.42.57 PM


So there you have it–this is the sort of thing makes a book’s release just feel so real! I’m excited–and this book is on the shelves starting in the next few days… It’s already on the shelves in some Walmarts and Targets! So keep an eye out for it! I do hope you’ll pick up a copy!


Pub Weekly review



Peer pressure for women in their 40s


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I really thought I was done with it in high school. In your teens, you have to find your balance, and you learn that following the crowd is normally a bad idea. I found that when I hit my university years, the pressure was gone. You can be whoever you want, and people at university are perfectly happy to accept you as is. It’s a great experience, and a wonderful place to really find yourself.

In my twenties, I was finding my footing in my career–figuring out what I wanted to do, and how to make a writing career work. I didn’t know any other writers who were doing it for a living, so I had to figure out a lot on my own.

In my thirties, I now had a child at home with me, and I was learning that I didn’t tend to fit in with the regular mom groups anyways. And I was okay with that. I was pursing my writing career, and I didn’t have anyone else who understood what I was trying to do. I pretty much accepted it, and I was the happy odd one out.

And then I hit my forties.

Why is the peer pressure back!? Because it really is! OMG, we all went from taking our own paths to arriving in approximately the same place (a home, kids, spouse, lifestyle) and the pressure to conform and do things like everyone else does is just crushing. Everything from the type of home you’ve chosen, to the type of clothes, to the newness of your vehicle, to the after school activities your kids go to… I don’t understand why that is, but here we are, all over again. The same pressures of adolescence on the shoulders of women in their forties who HAVE adolescents!

I thought I’d matured beyond this!


Enter the pandemic. One of the struggles is that we can’t get together with friends like we used to, but we have learned the fine art of video conferencing. Most of us have, haven’t we? And now, one of my publishers has been hosting some Zoom meetings where can all get together and just chat.

And guess what I found out?

  1. People’s author photos ARE NOT what they look like on a regular Tuesday morning. (Mine included. πŸ˜‰ )
  2. People’s homes aren’t actually as fancy as they look in those carefully cropped social media posts. Some of us are better at cropping than others, that’s all.
  3. We’re all a whole lot more alike than I’d realized.

And I love that! I love that we’re all just a group of women following our dreams. And our homes aren’t perfect. Our hair is all growing out the gray at various rates, we’re all aging. And you know what? We’re all living our passion– having fun, writing books, editing books in the case of our editors, finding things we enjoy, and loving our families. We’re all throwing ourselves into the thing we love to do–creating amazing books.

So maybe it’s time to relearn that adolescent lesson that we don’t have to be like everyone else. We don’t have to impress anyone, either, because the ones to throw out a snide comment will find something to criticize no matter what you do. We just have to live our lives with passion and heart, and be the best version of ourselves that we can be. That’s it!

And you know what? Brace yourself for the gray, because I’m growing mine out. I’m almost 42. If I can’t own some gray at this point, I don’t know when I can. πŸ˜‰


Hitting the shelves now!Β 

Do you have your copy yet?

Pub Weekly review


A sneak peek!


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Today, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the giveaway I will be posting in a few hours. In order to enter, all you have to do is come by my Facebook page and follow the instructions on the post! πŸ™‚ Don’t worry, it’s easy. My latest giveaway is always pinned to the top of the page.

This giveaway is with Patricia Davids, and as you know, I think she’s just wonderful. Not only is she a bestselling author, but she’s the most down-to-earth person. I love doing giveaways with her!

Pat Davids giveaway


This giveaway features her newest released, THE PROMISE. If you’re a fan of her Love Inspired Amish writing, then you will LOVE her HQN Amish stories, too. Patricia Davids is an absolute gem.

So come by my Facebook page for a chance to win both books! And if you don’t have the patience, you can pick up both books online or at your local bookstore!

Oh, and psst…

THURSDAY’S BRIDE is currently on sale on Amazon for $0.99 for the Kindle version, and $3.59 for the paperback!Β 

Pick up a copy now–I don’t know how long it will last! πŸ™‚

Thursday's Bride 3